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Prested Real Tennis Club has been helping people discover the fascinating game of real tennis since 1999. We are one of only 24 real tennis clubs in the country and the only one in Essex devoted to this highly respected contemporary (yet ancient!) competitive sport.
Real tennis is the original Tudor game, from which lawn tennis has evolved. You can find out more about the history of the game here, but why not come and meet us! Some liken the game to a combination of squash, tennis and chess on an indoor court! It is a game of tactics which can be played either with speed or guile, making it an ideal game for all ages. Some people start at an early age, others in their middle years, and plenty don’t try it until they are much older.
We'd like to introduce you to real tennis at Prested Real Tennis Club. You'll discover an established national and international sport, a vibrant and welcoming local club scene and a glimpse of Real Tennis athletes of the higest echelons on our big screens and sometimes much closer, as World class players often play here at Prested and our own pros rank among them.
Our team of real tennis professionals are ready to answer any queries, arrange a taster session and welcome you on court at the club. Contact Levi and Vaughan for a friendly chat.